Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lola & I went to Feisty Fidos class again this week. She was a little wound up, not having a walk for two days. There was another Boxer beside us on the right & a GSD named Sherman on the left. The first thing we did was step outside of our cubes and work on Find It & Watch. Her Watch isn't very strong so I used Leave It if Lola starts to stare down another dog. She thinks Find It is great fun & immediately starts scanning the floor now. Cool!

We did some Walk Aways with another dog & she did pretty well. I had her on her regular collar when we first got there & she was pretty nervous so I put the GL on and noticed an immediate difference (that & the Chill Out I sprayed all over our Cube). This is a perfect example of listen to your DOG. I really didn't want to use the GL...for a lot of reasons...but the main one being how much worse Penny became after I started using it on her. I'm finally starting to trust myself as well, which is really hard for me.

All in all we had a good class.

So on the way out, we see two people sitting on the curb and Lola stiffens & I have no idea why so I say "Oh, stop it" and when we walk right next to them, I see a large black GSDx & it giving Lola a very hard stare. She puffs up & starts WOOOoooooooofffing at it and I start to panic and walk faster, dragging her with me. Duh! What the hell did I just spend the last hour doing???


"Lola...Walk Away!!" and I start moving backward away from the dog. Hot Damn! She stops barking, looks at me and starts following! You've got to be kidding. This stuff actually works??? Apparently so. I had no treats on me (lesson for next week) so we just start running back to the car together and I whooped it up the whole way. There was a volunteer who was taking a JRT out for a potty break about 10 yards from us & it started barking so she started barking, but we hopped in the car and I fed her salmon treats until it went inside.

She slept the whole way home.