Thursday, May 17, 2007

Three strikes, you're OUT!

Lola has had free run of the house while we're at work for over 2 months. Very little has been chewed & she's had one or twice accidents (she had a sick belly, so they don't count). The last 3 times I've come home, though, she's pooped in the living room.

So...three strikes, you're OUT! It's back in the Slammer! The Big House. Cell Block #9. JAIL!

"Um...what am I doing in here? Sherman was the one that pooped in the living room."

Actually, she doesn't really mind her crate. I've caught her recently sleeping in it while I'm watching TV. And it's in another room.

When I leave for work, they all get cookies & then Lola has to go to her House. She goes right fighting or fussing.


Probably has something to do with the Kong.

So we're gonna give her a month in the Joint & then try it again.