Thursday, March 01, 2007

Advanced Puppy Graduation Night

Lola had her last night of Advanced Puppy tonight. She was a little keyed up going inside the building. We ran into puppy class on their way out and she got kinda snarky with a Golden puppy. It was dark, raining and he bounded around the corner & startled us. She got in his face and did her best tough dog impression.

But once inside, she was fine. We met a Great Pry puppy on the stairs & she was very nice to him (nice to Lola means smacking him in the's an invitation to play).

Graduation involved a longer play session before we started.

"It's a Wooly Mammoth!!!" (actually it was a NewfieDoodle)

"My new boyfriend Brody"

"We have lots of fun romping...till he humps me."

" water."

"Ok guys...I gotta take a breather!"

"Come on Lola...get up!"

"You call yourself a Boxer. I thought you guys were supposed to be high energy!"

They make a very cute couple.

Once they got their zoomies out, we went over the basics. Heeling with about turns and automatic Sits, Downs, Stays w/ distractions, Leave It and approach from a friendly stranger. Lola did really great with everything and had three friendly strangers approach her w/o nailing them in the head. She actually didn't break her Sit or Attention on me once.

Get her over this reactive phase & she's gonna be pretty damn near perfect!

Our graduation gifts were more bling and a big rawhide.

"MARSHA!!!!! Tell Penny to give me back my Graduation Gift!!"

Next stop...Advanced Basic with Ruth. Should be very interesting!