Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Barkday Butchy!!!

After a long debate, Lola has convinced me that Sherman should come to Butchy & Snickers Superfun Campout! (She's a total suck up to Sher-Man.) It's Butchy's Barkday & we're gonna spend a whole weekend whoopin' it up! There will be lots of toasting weinies over the fire & Jackson is bringing sausages all the way from the UK for snacking!

No, I'm not thrilled that Sherman is tagging along. He just had his very own campout in Merryland a few weeks ago. Yes, I'm pouting.

But he has his own giant tent and he'll be sleeping all alone & not bothering us. That is, of course, unless Dot is coming and then he'll be occupied in the tent for the whole weekend. All the better!

Lola & I will sleep all snuggled together. As always.

We're all catching a ride on Aire Ruby...Sherman is riding in the cargo area as he exceeds the weight limit for passengers.
Happy Barkday Butchy!!!

We'll see you soon!!!