Friday, June 15, 2007

We've got mail!!!


Look at this beautiful package. The first ever to arrive at Jackman Avenue addressed to Sherman, Penny & Lola. came from halfway around the world!! All the way from Singapore!!

"Who's it from...I can smell him!!"

"Is he in there????"

"Penny, can you help me out because I smell a Boy...I just can't find him!"

It's from Huskee Boy!!!!! And Huskee's Maid, of course.

The Dogs got a wonderful card (with a very personal get well message included) that made my day!! Sherman & Penny's "argument" was felt all over the world & Huskee's Maid is so sweet to send us Get Well Wishes!!

The Dogs also got the Motherload...collars for "special" days. I could not possibly put these nice collars on them everyday...they'd be trashed. We now have nice collars for Everypup for when they go out in public.

They also each have their own Bling Bling.

I also got some Bling Bling that is gonna attach perfectly to my cell phone. The picture doesn't do this justice...I was so giddy when I saw the little bone, pawprint, and Dogs charms!! I LOVE this kind of stuff!!!

And Huskee also sent us Name Plates. I have big plans for these...STAY TUNED!!

A great big THANK YOU to Huskee and Huskee's Maid. We are so blessed to have such caring friends.

My very dear DWB friends make my day...every day.