Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Furminator!!

As Sherman's shedding has been out of control this Spring, I decided to try something other than the undercoat rake & stripping comb I've been using. The Furminator was delivered this week!!

I had heard a lot about the Furminator, but it completely exceeded my expectations. No, Sherman has not turned grey. Those are tufts of his undercoat.

And this is the pile of fur that I pulled off of him...after less than a minute of brushing. I might try to weave it into a sweater.

Now if I could just find something for the girls. Any of you Boxer (or shortcoated breed) folks out there have any suggestions for dealing with little, 3/4 inch barb-like hairs that prickle into every stuffed surface in the house??? Thank DoG they only blow coat twice a year...and the Spring shed is almost over.