Friday, November 17, 2006

Our good friend Opy has just informed us that we're in the running for Photo of the Month on Dogs With Blogs!! Yahoooo!!

Well, yes...the Dogs are very beautiful (or handsome, in Sherman's case).

The Nominated Photo...Damn they're a good lookin' bunch!

(And it was even suggested that I cheated & photoshopped this picture . Like I know how to use photo shop!! I ain't no cheater!)

Come on all of our Bloggin friends! Get online & vote for us!
Last night in class, we had a couple of people ask where Lola got her Pink EasyWalk Harness. Even though I had just bought a new purple one, pink is her color. So I was thrilled when I was shopping for clickers on, stumbled upon them. Jess also carries lots of other cool gear (she has the best bait bags & we also love the bungee leash). Her prices are great and shipping is a $5 flat rate.

Lola volunteered to model her new harness...

As she was in the modeling mood (there were lots of cookies involved, of course)...we decided to show of the winter coat we bought at the Pet Expo. I still haven't lengthened the bottom straps, so it's pretty snug, but she still looks pretty darn cute!

A Diva dog indeed!