Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Smiling Boxers (and training stuff)

Cubby had this picture on his blog...I thought it was so funny & reminded me of one I took of Lola when she was a puppy.

Goofy little thing.

I love how the jowls spread out & make it look like they're smiling!

WARNING...boring training stuff ahead!

I haven’t done squat with Sherman & Penny (other than the usual every day stuff) lately. I’ve been really spending time almost everyday working with Lola and the payoff is very noticeable. Drives the point home that I need to be very consistent with her if I want to see progress...this I already know, but can get lazy.

Front deck reactivity – Sherman & Penny are pretty much over it with a few outburst over dogs they don’t like (Taz & the husky). But they quiet down pretty quickly. Scott has been using the PetAgree pager with a lot of success. Lola’s “barking at everything that moves” is lessening. I’ve been rewarding her for looking & not reacting and redirecting or bringing her inside if she starts. She was actually out there for over 20 minutes one day & I thought she was inside with me! Didn't think that would happen for a while.

Advanced Class – She had one small outburst walking into the building. The rest of the class, she was perfect. Her heeling is still pretty sloppy, as is staying in heel position, but I haven’t done much with that so that’s my fault. We kind of drilled the stays a bit & she started breaking a lot toward the end of class. But her DownStay was very nice & I can now walk around her in a SitStay without her turning to find me. She did ½ dozen recalls without a long line & never deviated toward another dog. Barking at other dogs in the car has completely stopped. She responds very well to Leave It and then I just chuck treats in the backseat & she’s happy.

Neighborhood walks – One incident this week. PitX on her front porch & I didn’t see that she was tethered. Of course I got nervous & Lola freaked. Owner came out, laughed at us and took dog inside. She was spooky for another ½ block, at least. But for the most part, she’s been much calmer. I’ve continued to “YAY!” at the sound of another dog barking & treating her and started doing the same when we see another dog. This has been very effective. The whole neighborhood thinks I’m nuts.