Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Smiling Boxers (and training stuff)

Cubby had this picture on his blog...I thought it was so funny & reminded me of one I took of Lola when she was a puppy.

Goofy little thing.

I love how the jowls spread out & make it look like they're smiling!

WARNING...boring training stuff ahead!

I haven’t done squat with Sherman & Penny (other than the usual every day stuff) lately. I’ve been really spending time almost everyday working with Lola and the payoff is very noticeable. Drives the point home that I need to be very consistent with her if I want to see progress...this I already know, but can get lazy.

Front deck reactivity – Sherman & Penny are pretty much over it with a few outburst over dogs they don’t like (Taz & the husky). But they quiet down pretty quickly. Scott has been using the PetAgree pager with a lot of success. Lola’s “barking at everything that moves” is lessening. I’ve been rewarding her for looking & not reacting and redirecting or bringing her inside if she starts. She was actually out there for over 20 minutes one day & I thought she was inside with me! Didn't think that would happen for a while.

Advanced Class – She had one small outburst walking into the building. The rest of the class, she was perfect. Her heeling is still pretty sloppy, as is staying in heel position, but I haven’t done much with that so that’s my fault. We kind of drilled the stays a bit & she started breaking a lot toward the end of class. But her DownStay was very nice & I can now walk around her in a SitStay without her turning to find me. She did ½ dozen recalls without a long line & never deviated toward another dog. Barking at other dogs in the car has completely stopped. She responds very well to Leave It and then I just chuck treats in the backseat & she’s happy.

Neighborhood walks – One incident this week. PitX on her front porch & I didn’t see that she was tethered. Of course I got nervous & Lola freaked. Owner came out, laughed at us and took dog inside. She was spooky for another ½ block, at least. But for the most part, she’s been much calmer. I’ve continued to “YAY!” at the sound of another dog barking & treating her and started doing the same when we see another dog. This has been very effective. The whole neighborhood thinks I’m nuts.


Dory and Liza said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for that "boring training stuff"!! Dory is very attentive and protective and "woofs" at the windows all the time. I am going to try the distract and treat method and see how it goes. I'll start warming up my "YAY" today!!

Liza and Dory!!

Balboa said...

What cute pics!

We're glad to see that Lola's making great progress. I hope mommy doesn't read this I don't want her to get any ideas!

Frenchie Kisses,

PiratesGrrl said...

I love reading your "boring training stuff" although it makes me feel like a giant slacker. It's probably good we don't live close as the Brat Pack would be horribly bad influences. ;)


Tadpole said...

Lola was so cute! And still is, naturally. :-)

Everyone thinks my girl is nuts in our neighborhood too. That's the best part of not obeying!

Marvin The Dog said...

Lovely pictures! As always!

Peanut said...

Hey my mom bought that pet agree thing and it didn't work with me. Why did that lady laugh at you that doesn't sound nice?

Michele, Ruby's Mom said...

Hi Jenny,
You are so not nuts! I'm like that with Ruby. I too have been a little sloppy with her lately. When I work with her on a regular basis she is great...when I get lazy, she starts to lose it. I'm going to be training her for the rest of her life I think! I guess that will be good for both of us!

Michele :)

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, Lola is going to be a star!

Oscar x

Simba said...

Lola sounds like she is doing great. I have trained my humans, but it took ages.

Simba xx

Kerrio said...

Fabulous photos - there is something utterly hysterical about boxer pups!

K & co

wally said...

My ma ape was wondering if she could pack us up and send us to Camp Jackman Ave for re-education. She says my Canine Good Citizen certificate is a bit of a sham and I sound like I could use some of your discipline.

Whatever, I think I'm an angel.