Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who's afraid of a little thunder????

Lola is!!!

This is something brand new. She was never afraid of thunder before. It really didn't phase her.

Last Friday we had some wicked thunderstorms with high wind & lightning. We always sit on the front deck & watch the storms, as long as the rain isn't blowing around too much. Well, the first loud clap of thunder & BAM! She scrambled up onto my lap. I told her "Oh knock it're fine" and put her down on the ground. (Alright, I cuddled with her for a few seconds and gave her kisses. Bad Jenny.) I got up & moved into the office as the rain was starting to soak us & she was milling around, peeking her head outside to check out what was going on. A big flash of lightning hit close to the house followed by a really loud BOOM! It was as if she were shot out of a canon...she flew across the room & jumped in my lap. I made her get down and she hid under the desk & I ignored her. When I got up, she hid under the bed.

"So I'm afraid of thunder...SO WHAT??? Sherman is too!"

Sherman actually used to be petrified of thunder. I'd wake up in the middle of the night & he'd be sitting on my head. I knew we were having a storm. I started giving him stuffed Kongs or Bullies during storms and pretty much ignoring him & he's fine now. He doesn't want to be outside on the deck with us & but generally sticks pretty close & chills.

So how many of you pups are afraid of thunder????

Penny Puppy Pictures

So many of you got #1 correct as a Puggle. And #3 of course, is a Boxer.

A lot of you thought Penny would have resembled #2 as a puppy & Amber Mae was the only one to guess it correctly as a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are known for the ridge of hair that runs down their back, but not all Ridgbacks have a Ridge.

They are much bigger than Penny (she's 45 lbs and RR females are generally in the 70-80 lb range).

There are definitely some facial similarities.

But Penny's personality is all Boxer as is her body type. Someone obviously wanted her to look like a Boxer because they had her tail docked & dewclaws removed. So we've always called her a Boxer Mix.

We're going to do the DNA test Gomer & Opie recently posted about in the fall & it should be interesting to see exactly what she really is!!!