Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vote for LBR!

We love Cubby and we love Legacy Boxer Rescue!! They are currently in a contest to win $10,000 to help more Boxers in need and they need your help.

Currently they are in 3rd place! Not too shabby!! They only need 150 more votes to take over the top spot so head on over to the Care2 website and cast your vote.

In case you need a little more encouragement, take a look at of the Boxers they are currently trying to save.

She is just a baby at 3 or 4 months old, and has no hair at all. She has demodectic mange, and her skin is so thin and delicate right now, the grass hurts her feet.

This group does great work guys and really could use the $$. So go vote!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well it's about time!

Look what we finally have!!!

Well, actually that's just Mom's new laptop (which is HUGE, btw...all the better for me to view my lovely Dot Spot). But more importantly...last night we got the internets at our house!! Woo Hoo! It's been almost a whole month and boy, Mom & I were having major withdrawal. So this weekend we'll be stopping by to pay you all a long overdue visit. I can't wait to see what every pup & hammie has been up to.

OK...onto more important things. The Park! Mom & I only live about 5 minutes away from the park now and we've been going a couple times a week to hunt. I love this park!

We will, however, be making a little, teeny, weeny change to the name...I believe this is much more appropriate.

Yep, that sounds way better. And I need to make sure that every pup that comes to share MY park will know who owns it.

So I spent a good deal of time securing the grounds by spreading my peemail everywhere.

You wouldn't think it, but the job is pretty exhausting.

OK, guys...I gotta run but I can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Pee Ess...Mom wanted me to tell you all this will NOT be turned into Sherman's blog...the girls are doing great and they'll be posting very soon!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All settled in!

Hi guys! I know I haven't been around FUREVER!! I went on a little mini-vacation and then I had to get ready for my BIG MOVE! But let me tell you...I've missed you all terribly.

I know Penny told you I was going to move in with our Auntie Kristen...and the good news is that our Auntie Rachel is at our house all the time. She practically lives there too! I'm so super lucky to have 2 great Aunties to take care of me.

And they're pretty cute too...

So let me tell you a little bit about my new place.

I've got this great yard to relax and catch some rays...oh & this pink blanket, not mine.

And when it get too hot, I have a nice shade tree to lay under...

I've got a GIANT kitchen...

And a very appropriate bowl to eat from. I am, of course...the King of this Castle.

I'm not really eating many raw meatables these days, but I do get to share dinner with my Aunties...

And they are very good cooks...

This is where I hang out while Auntie Kristen is at work...

And this is the big bed I get to sleep in at night...

OK, not really, I'm supposed to sleep on the floor...but I have this rockin' little room with cool wood floors to chill...and nap, if I so chose.

All this great stuff! It's really like a doggie dream come true.

But as hard as I tried, I couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

All right, all right...I missed my Mommy!!!! I know I'm super tuff and you guys would never guess it, but I am a closet Mama's Boy and things just aren't the same without her...

So I moved her in with me

Yep, that's right...Mom is now living with Auntie Kristen and I!! See how happy it makes both of us!!!

We're not going to have Internet access at home for another 2 weeks. It's going to be hard for us to comment on everyone's blogs but we promise to keep up with what's going on with our DWBs family. Penny & Lola will post an update as soon as they can. And no, I don't miss them...

(On a slightly more somber note, Scott & I have decided to part ways after 8 years. It was an amicable split and we will maintain joint custody of the dogs. Penny & Lola will stay with him and I am obviously with Sherman. It's an adjustment for all of us, but we're ready to move on with the next chapter in our lives. Stay tuned...