Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lola has class tonight & we've been working on our trick all week...BANG! (she rolls on her side & plays dead). The past 2 weeks tricks have been a bust b/c I haven't worked on them except in one specific spot in the house. Generalizing...it's our problem. So this week, I practice in a bunch of spots and Scotty is really impressed when I show him. But will she do it in class???

Go to Mat and Kisses! have been a big failure. Lola gets so distracted by the other dogs. But not this week! While we wait for the rest of class to show up, Maribeth talks to us about various training things. I keep one eye on her & one eye on Lola. Lola is throwing herself into BANG! postition...over & over & over. And everytime I C/T (yes...lazy training. I love it!). I start ignoring Maribeth & repeating our cue over & over and she hits it every time. And then the funny thing happens. Maribeth & I are talking & Lola is hitting BANG & I'm not clicking (I didn't cue it, after all). So she starts rolling over. And fortunately I'm watching out of the corner of my eye & C/T for each time she rolls over. By the end of our talk, she's offering her Roll Over repeatedly. That's our next trick!

We spent the rest of class doing agility stuff...tunnels, place board, broad jumps. Lola really will be a natural if I can invest the time to work w/ her. She's fearless!