Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Update on Penny

The Bad News

She was sick all night. From both ends. A few times I woke up to let her out, a few times I didn't hear her :o(. So I basically spent most of the night playing with the new Spot Bot.

The Good News

I took her to the Vet today & they don't think there is anything too seriously wrong with her. She was really dehydrated and they gave her a bunch of subcutaneous fluid. It made her look like a camel! And on the walk home, it all settled onto her left side. Hard to tell from these pics, but she's very swollen.

She's supposed to rest tonight & have nothing but water. If she doesn't vomit again by morning, she can have some boiled chicken (or in our case, buffalo) and rice. Then she goes on Flaygl for a few days & we hope to have her good as new.

So thanks to everypup who sent good vibes for Penny. They've WORKED!!!