Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Presents for ME!

Hey Guys...I'm back! Miss me??? I know I've been gone for a few days, but I have great news!
Over the weekend...I found THIS on my front porch! It's from that handsome devil, Huskee Boy! Now I know it says Sherman, Penny & Lola on the box.

But when I found THIS inside...I knew it was ALL for me!

So I said Ahahahahahah Penny & Lola...No Presents For You! And that made them sad.

I'll just be over here playing with my new Handsomest Boy stuffie.

But here is the bad news....Mom said Huskee sent Lola some tennis balls & a stuffie for Penny too. So I had to share.

I also got THREE special barkday card...two from Huskee & one from Girl Girl!! Mom tried to take a picture but they didn't turn out. And I also got a squeeky bone & ball that I will NOT share.

Thank you, Huskee for all of MY (our) presents! You're a swell guy!