Friday, January 04, 2008

Sherman tried to kill me!!!

He bit me in the ears & tried to rip them off!! See the bloody tips!!

Just kidding...Shermie's actually been kinda nice to me lately. He only grumped at me 1,652 times today. And he let me lick him in the mouth twice. And he only stole my stuffie once. And he didn't slam me to the floor when I jumped on him. I see this as progress.

But I do have ouchy ears. I still sleep in my jail at night and I've been waking up & shaking my head real hard because my ears are itchy. They flop on the bars of my jail & now I have big bloody dots all over my head. Looks pretty bad, huh?

Mom is giving me medicine in my ears (which I do NOT like at all!) and it's making them less itchy. And I've gotten to sleep outside my jail a few nights while they heal. I think this should be a permanent arrangement but Mom says I'm a bed hog so I'll probably be a jail bird for a while.

Has this ever happened to any other pup's floppy ears????