Friday, January 04, 2008

Sherman tried to kill me!!!

He bit me in the ears & tried to rip them off!! See the bloody tips!!

Just kidding...Shermie's actually been kinda nice to me lately. He only grumped at me 1,652 times today. And he let me lick him in the mouth twice. And he only stole my stuffie once. And he didn't slam me to the floor when I jumped on him. I see this as progress.

But I do have ouchy ears. I still sleep in my jail at night and I've been waking up & shaking my head real hard because my ears are itchy. They flop on the bars of my jail & now I have big bloody dots all over my head. Looks pretty bad, huh?

Mom is giving me medicine in my ears (which I do NOT like at all!) and it's making them less itchy. And I've gotten to sleep outside my jail a few nights while they heal. I think this should be a permanent arrangement but Mom says I'm a bed hog so I'll probably be a jail bird for a while.

Has this ever happened to any other pup's floppy ears????


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Lola...
Don't tease me like that...I was so worried about my Diva Girl!!! Your ears look SO ouchie!!! Please, please, please listen to your Momma and take your medicine so you can get those years bootiful!

Lots of healing licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Ouchie Lola that looks really painful. You poor thing. We hope it gets better soon. That hasn't happened to any of us here.

Peanut said...

oh yeah and who cares if you are a bed hog. Your mom should just get used to having a tiny little part of any bed she sleeps in. My mom has.

The Brat Pack said...

Eeeek, your poor ears! I wasn't worried that my sweet teddy bear Shermie did it though.

I have ear troubles too, in fact I have an infection right now. Mine have never bled on the edges though, maybe they're not floppy enough.

Poor you. :( Your Mom should give you the whole bed while you're sick...and after too.


Girasol said...

I hope your ears get better soon so you can sleep well.

Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
Poor Lola, Your ears look painful. We're glad you're getting out of jail for a few nights though.
We have an award for you on our blog. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

Boo said...

omDOG lola, what happened? you mean it itch by itself? i have never heard anything like this before. is mom going to bring u in to the vet anytime?

wet wet licks


Izzie said...

Lola, Lo Lo lo Lo Lo La.... I never had ouchie ears like you do, but when mama got me, the backend of my tail and all around my hiney were BALD. I've been told it was because when I was young and crated all the time I kept rubbing against the crate until I stripped myself bald. As soon as I was in a plastic house without bars (except for the door), the hair grew back. Maybe you need a plastic jail with little window slots? Though I like your idea of no more jail better!

Randi said...

Lola! Yikes! That looks like a big NO NO! Please stop!

I guess you'll have to have medicines for a while to make your ears less itchy...maybe you have ear mites? I guess the Vet would know if you've already gone..

But please Lola, STOP THE MADNESS!

Love & Licks,

Asta said...

Sweet Sweet Lola
Tha looks vewy oucy..can I come and lick them bettew fow you???
I suwe hope the medcin wowks fast!!! Yoou awe still a bootiful diva, but I hate fow you to huwt!!
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lola!
This is a sign! NO more jail for you!
Sure you need the meds to make your ears heal soon! I really hope is not too painful!
Have a good night

Maggie & Mitch said...

Your ears look so sore, Lola! We hope they heal up soon! We've never had this happen to us - sorry we can't be more helpful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Snowball said...

Poor Lola, I hope your ear will recover soon and that you will be able to leave the jail permanently. My ear has never had any problem like that before but I can imagine how uncomfortable it must be.

Get well soon, girlie.


ChaChi Lu said...


I was about ready to come over there and give Sherman a bit of Chihuahua madness...thank goodness for him that it was because of your jail.

Wow. I don't know what to say about that except I am sure your momma is taking really good care of you. I am sorry your ears hurt. That looks really hurty and ouchie...

ChaChi Lu with the Kung Foo moves
(please let Sherman know I am watching him with my super powers)

Amber-Mae said...

Oh gosh, don't do that again Lola. You scared me. Oh my, look at all the blood stains on your head & ears. Yes this has happened to Faith twice already. She gets ear infection quite often(thanks to mommy for not cleaning them regularly) & she would use her back legs & scratch & scratch & scratch until the skim peals off. She would also shake her ears many time violently till all the blood oozes out from the tip of her ears. Blood would be all over her head too.

Actually, if you want them to cure faster(Faith's cured within one week), you'll have to bandage the scar with a few bandages & then wear an e-collar. That prevents you to use your back legs to scratch. My mommy would clean it 1st, then apply cream. Then she will bandage her ears tightly so when Faith shakes her ears, it won't come off. And then she has t wear an e-collar everyday except bathing time. If you search for mah old post, you can see a picture of Faith's bandage ear & home-made e-collar(it was made out of a dog poster coz we do not have the real one)

This will really help. If your mom just leaves your ears exposed like that & you keep scratching & shaking your head all the time, it will not help & it will keep on bleeding no matter how much your mom cleans & applies cream on it.

Ask your mom to clean the inside of your ears too & apply ointment for about ten days. Within one week, both the inside of your ears & the tip of your ears should be healed.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Poor Lola Baby!
I bet if I was there to give them sugars they would heal overnight!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Lola, sweetie,

I have had ear problems too. When I first found master and mistress one of my ears was falling over it was so heavy with nasty things. But then it got better. It took a lot of time and much bathing and things. Your ears will get better too.

Love Pippa

Jackson said...

Poor Lola, they look very sore. Hope it clears up soon. J x

Harry said...

Oh Lola, you poor sweet girl. You must be being driven crazy with the itchies. I know your mum will be doing everything to make them better fast.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Izzie said...

I forgot to say something, since mama's Bills are out of it for another year:


Bella the Boxer said...

Lola, sweetie, I feel your pain! My right ear has a big ouchie, too. It happens every few months and takes forever to heal back up again. And when I shake my head, blood spatters everywhere and Mom hopes the police never visit because it looks like a crime scene! My boxer brother, Patton, also gets these ouchies on his ear. His veterinarian told his Mom to massage the tips of his ears every day to stimulate blood circulation. It seems to help somewhat in preventing ouchies, but once the tips of my ears start to bleed the only thing that helps is a styptic pencil (the kind my Dad uses when shaving) which stings a little bit but stops the bleeding. Then, my Mom chases me around the house putting on ointment. It's a real pain. Anyway, I sure hope your ears get better soon.

xoxo - Bella

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh Lola,that look SOOOOO sore.We are sending you healing smoochies right now.Love A+A

Joe Stains said...

that looks SO SO ouchy :( I hope your ears feel better soon.


wally said...

Ouch! Poor Lola. Are those Al Urgee? I'm sorry. I get ear infections but never that bad.


A&S said...

hmmm now we're glad we have pointy ears! and tell ur mommy to get a bigger bed so you can stay in it!

Sparky said...

Not me, but I'm sure bloody ears are in Patches' future, since his ears are like wings! Get well soon, my friend.

Kapp pack said...

Oh no, Lola! I would kiss them for you!

Kisses, Sky boy

Stanley said...

Poor Sweet Lola Girl!

I'm hurting just looking at your owies. Please accept my load of goober smooches for your quick-healing ears. Hopefully they will be strong enough for you.

Take care of yourself, Lola. I bet Penny will snuggle with you and Sherm might even give you some extra love if you let them know you need it.

Goober love & smooches,

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Poor Lola, I am late calling into your blog, and so sorry to see your poor ears. I hope they heal up very soon. No it has never happened to my ears either.

Healing licks from across the ocean, love from Marvin xxxxx

PerfectTosca said...

I gotta have a talk with Sherman about how to raise puppies. I'm sorry about your ears hurting, it looks like a bummer! You gotta lay off them and ask the begetarian for some anti ear itching stuff.

Eddie N Peaches said...

Peaches here, Lola, with hope, I hope. (Is that redundedant?)
I was constantly plagued with ear infarctions. Momma and me visited the dogter all the time for my ears and they would clean icky stuff out, look at it under the mongrelscope, give us the ear goop and send us on our way after Momma gave them some money.
Anyway, one time we went and our regular dogter was on vacation (probably out learning more ways to torture cute little dogs like us) so we saw a substitute dogter. He says that some dogs have frequent recurrent ear trouble because of allergies and he believed that was my problem.
He said we have 2 choice: 1) try to finger out what the allergy was to and eliminate it or 2) do an ear wash every other week and that should make them less frequent.
We're doing the earwash for now. The vet gave it to us (Momma says sold). Its called "Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution for Dogs & Cats."
I hope your ears get better. I know how pawful it can be.
I'll be sending puppy prayers up for you.

Luckie Girl said...

Yikes, your ears look very painful to me Lola girl. I hope the medicine is helping. *sighz*

BamBam & Eski said...

aww... Lola - you poor little thing, i hope that's not too painful!

Eski has very bad ears too, i think from the time she came to this earth till the time we adopted her, she has never had her ears checked/cleaned.
BamBam has chronic ear infection... and the vet had warned us about constant shaking of the head cos it may caused air bubbles in the ears!

you take good care of there!

*big hugz*

Chef said...

Hi everydoggie! Just discovered your blog and I love it ... you must have one busy house goin' on there! I'm a Boxer too just like you, Lola. I'm partial to white Boxers ... think I love you. Take care of those ears ! Come by my blog too and let's be friends.
xoxo Chef

Lady Kaos said...

I've never had the sores like you from your hitting them on stuff, but this time of year I ALWAYS get itchy ears. It dries me crazy, especially because that meaks I get stuff squirted in them and I have to sit and let Mom and Dad clean them to help try to keep them dry. I hate it! I don't care that my ears feel better after the medicine and cleaning, that's totally not the point!

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Oh Lola! we'll come over and all give you lots of healing love licks k?

waggin Tx tails on there way

Sophie Brador said...

Lola, I get ear infections all the time and that makes me flop my ears about. Maybe you needed a padded jail, although that doesn't sound nice either.


Mango said...

Lola, sweetheart, you look lovely even with your ouchie ears.

Your new big pal,

Eddie N Peaches said...

Hey Penny, Sherm & Lola, we gave you a challenge. Check it out on our bloggie.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie, Peaches & Bella