Monday, August 20, 2007

My Saturday - by Penny

On Saturday, Mom goes & helps her friend Bob teach obedience classes at the WPHS. Bob asked Mom if she wanted to bring one of us to demo & since I'm the most well behaved, I got to go!!!

I was very excited. But what she didn't tell me was that there would be PUPPIES there!!! I love PUPPIES!!

We ran & ran & ran & I had so much fun playing I didn't want to stop.

Afterward, I had to sit in this big jail while Mom helped the puppies learn new stuff.

Sometimes I got to come out of jail & show the puppies how good dogs heel on leash, stay until released and how to pay attention.

When I got home, I was very tired!! All I wanted to do was lay on my landing in the sun...but a certain white dog thought I should play with her too.

Hey Penny! Don't you want to play with your most favoritest puppy???

Maybe later little white Dog...teaching is hard work!

The Kapp Pack has tagged us to share our middle names and what the letters of them would mean. Since this is MY post I'll go first...

Wiggly (duh)




Lola's bestest friend in the whole wide world (next to Tadpole)



I'm going to tag Jazz & Dixie and Chance. Sherman & Lola will do theirs later this week & will tag other.