Friday, June 08, 2007

Baby pics of the one & only Diva Dog..ME!

"Hey Everypup (and GirlGirl).

That sweet little Suki asked us to all post some baby pics and as my brother & sister lost theirs, Mom said I could send you all some pics of ME! PD (pre-diva). So here ya go!!!!

Here I am at 2 weeks old...just 8 days after I met my Mom for the first time. See how my jowls are coming along. My dot isn't quite formed and my head looks kinda like an egg, but I'm pretty darn cute! Well on my way to being a Diva.

This is the day Mom & Dad came to pick me up. My brothers were very lazy but I was ready to go....see ya later suckas!

I did kiss my brother goodbye. I wanted him to come & live with me but he was going to the Big Apple.

Yes, I loved my big sister Penny right from the start. She's no Diva, but she's my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

This is the second night at my new house with my Uncle DJ. Isn't he handsome? He's very nice to me and let me sleep on him for a looooong time.

I loved my Daddy right from the very beginning. Aren't all Divas daddy's girls???? I still like to sit in his lap.

This was my first day of puppy school. Look at how smart I am! Beauty AND Divas are VERY smart.

I still run with Penny like this....'cept now I'm much bigger & faster.

My brother Sherman pretends like he hates me...but that's just an act. He knows you're never supposed to bother a Diva. He gives me lots of space.

We love baby pics! So if any of you have some to share, we would LOVE it. Sherman & Penny wanted me to tell yinz guys that they don't have any & our Mom didn't have a good camera when they came home. But if you have any Gotcha pics (when you came to live with your family), we'd love to see those too. Mom's gonna try & dig up some fun ones of S & P!