Monday, June 26, 2006

Wednesday, I came down w/ a wicked case of food poisoning. I haven't been that sick in my life. Penny & I missed meeting up w/ Annette to practice for the demo next weekend & Lola missed Shelley's class on Thursday.

Saturday morning Lola started throwing up. She threw up all of her breakfast and I didn't give her much else during the day to help rest her belly. Sunday she again threw up all of her breakfast and I started to think it was the new food I had started a week or so ago. So I boiled some chicken & rice and gave her a small amount. She managed to keep that down but early Monday morning she vomited a lot of liquid and also a large hunk of something. It was about 2-3 inches long & the shape of a hotdog. I put it in a baggie & called the vet.

Turns out it was a HAIRBALL!! Composed of short & long black hairs. Apparently I need to do a better job of cleaning! Lola is a garbage raider but usually just makes a big mess. I really think that she got into the garbage after I brushed Sherman (and disposed of clumps & clumps of hair). So, Dr. Nagle sent us home w/ the instructions to give small bland meals for the next few days.

Lola was a maniac all night. She was bouncing off the walls and driving Penny nuts. But I'm really, really glad she's OK.