Thursday, January 12, 2006

So, Lola has figured out how to get out of her ExPen. Piece of junk from JB Wholesale. First of all, the pins to close the door are too short and there is too much play in them. A couple of bangs on the door and they work their way open. So I tried putting a clasp on the top & she wiggled out the bottom. Second time I put a clasp on the top & bottom & apparently there was too much play so she wiggled out again ~sigh~.

I got smaller clasps and some wire & made SURE the door wouldn't open. As of yesterday afternoon, it was Ft. Knox.

I can't wait to get her out & about in the world. Hanging out in the front yard is a small step (and she's fascinated), but I wish I could take advantage of this nice weather and explore more. We're hitting PetSmart on Saturday.

The pups had a ball hanging out in the backyard at lunchtime. It was 55 degrees and sunny.

I started doing some targeting w/ Lola. Just my hand right now. And I used praise & yes, rather than the clicker. She's a natural!