Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lazy weekend...for the Dogs

Scott spent most of the weekend working on the patio extension. It's almost finished! This will give us more room to entertain. And we won't feel so cramped.

This is the old one.

And this is the extension.

We (Ha Ha...We, like I do any work!) still need to lay the paver stones but for right now, the Dogs are enjoying their very own sand pit. Orson has one of these...but his is staying!

Lola and her dang tennis balls. Boxers aren't known for being ball obsessed, are they????

Then she napped in the shade.

Penny could care was a beautiful weekend and she worked on her tan.

Sherman dug up new spots to cool off. He's the smart one.

I took his stitches out and once the hair grows out, you'll never know he'd beaten up by a girl! The pink stitches were humiliating.

"I'm still tuff..."