Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The last few days have been uneventful. Ate too much over Thanksgiving & did a lot of slugging out. We didn't get the snow here as was called for and yesterday it was 67 degrees! A cold front is coming so I spent some extra time last night taking the dogs on a longer walk.

They were pretty bad, actually. Well, scratch that...they were bad the 2 times we passed another dog(s). It was mainly Penny (as usual) and once she flips out, she's hard to get back under control. I know I should be doing a lot more work w/ her on this. We do a lot of everyday basic manners stuff:

Waiting at doors
Waiting & staying before I put their food down
Stop & wait on walks
Stays in the house
Lots of sits
Drop it when playing
Out (as in Get out of the kitchen)
Off (as in get of the couch, bed, me)
Recalls from outside & all over the house
and probably lots of other stuff that's b/c it's so routine, I don't notice it.

But I don't spend a lot of time on specific behaviors/commands. Things I need to work more on:

Improve attention w/ distractions (Both)
LLW (Penny...I've been so lazy w/ this. She's got a great heel, but I use the Easy Walk and have never commited to the LLW. I know it's gonna be a battle now b/c she's gotten away w/ it for so long ).
Stay (Sherman)
Stand (Penny)
Finish (Penny)

New thing for the dogs too, will be not sleeping on the bed. We're starting this soon as 3 dogs in a quees sized bed won't fly. Sherman is gonna have a fit but he'll get over it.

Meanwhile...the Steelers lost :o(. I actually stayed up till 11 and then called it quits. The pups were all geared up for the game & everything!