Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last night, Penny & I met Annette at the shelter to practice some agility stuff. The Agility Games class starts on 6/14 and we thought it would be fun to goof around and run through some of the equipment. Penny had a great time, as did Apache & Cheyenne. She hasn't done agility in a long time and was kind of rusty, but she picked it up quickly. Annette gave me some really good pointers. She also volunteered to run me through the stations of an obedience trial to see how much work we'd have to do. I need to work on the Stand this week and then we'll see. There is a fun match on 6/17 I think I'm gonna go to just to see how Penny likes it (and how I can deal!!)

Lola's housetraining problem seems to be correcting itself...thanks to some good work from Scotty & I. He's been really great about taking her out (a LOT) when I'm not home & for the first time, ever, I really yelled at her when I caught her peeing on the carpet. Up to this point, it was just "UH OH....outside!" But she's old enough now to know better...she just didn't want to get wet (little priss). But we're doing a lot better & I'm hopeful.