Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Dogs are sleeping...

So I'm taking over their blog!

I want to thank all of our amazing DWBs friends for all of the well wishes for Scott's Dad. He's still in the ICU, but is slowing getting better. I just keep thinking positively. He WILL be home for Xmas.

Speaking of Xmas...I must have a been a very good girl this year because I got my first present in the mail this week. Seadra & Zoe's Mom sent us this fantastic wreath decorated with 3 dogs. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it is Sherman, Penny & Lola!! The little white dog even has a Lola eyepatch!

I hung it on our DWBs Holiday Card display door. It's a perfect centerpiece! We've received 5 cards so far...Comet & Blu, Lenny, Cairo, Randi & The Dogs. This is so much fun!

And about those cards...~hanging head in shame~...I'm a little late. I tried to take a couple pictures this week, but I didn't really like them.

We're gonna get the official shot this weekend & I'll mail all of them next week. I've been kinda freaking out & feeling like a slacker...but then I realized, it's not even December yet! Deep breaths...

Clover's Mom, Jess hit me with this cool tag..."Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It’s more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you’d also like to take".

Well, I think I have a pretty great life, but there are many classes I'd like to take to enrich my life.

Yoga/Pilates - Jess wrote "I am horribly inflexible and uncoordinated, so I am too shy to try a class out, but I keep hearing raves about how good they are for your mind and body. My mind and body could use the boost." Oh man, if you only knew! I'm about the most uncoordinated person on earth. My first day of work I tripped down a flight of stairs in front of my boss & 3 of my new co-workers. I fell down walking across the street and broke my wrist in 4 places. I rolled off an exercise ball during an aerobics class and landed in the middle of the room. And my mind is a whole other story. Yoga would be perfect for me. If only I weren't so lazy.

The Art of Patience - Major character flaw. Traffic jams make me mental. Long lines make me want to chew my arm off. I hate waiting for the water to boil. Or waiting on hold. Or when our internet connection is slow.

Sewing 101 - I have a sewing machine, but have only made a few pillows & curtains with it. Move the fabric in a straight line...not to hard. But I would love to make coats & stuff for the dogs (like Lorenza's super talented Grandma). I get flubbed up on the patterns & stuff. I made a skirt once in 8th grade Home Ec. I forgot to measure for the hems when I cut the fabric. Fergie would have thought it was too short. I have a tendency to do that kinda stuff.

How to NOT spill stuff on yourself - especially coffee...on a new white 7:30 in the morning. I should only be allowed to own black clothes.

Knitting - I have the needles & thread. And the little "How To" book. And I LOVE scarves. But it all goes back to that coordination thing. It would take me two years to make one scarf! And I'm constantly jabbing myself with the needles.

Photoshop - I have the software. But I get so freakin' frustrated I want to throw my computer out the window (see Art of Patience above)! I just need someone to show me how and then I, too, can make fun stuff like Ruby & Asta & Pappy's people.

Voice/Music Lessons - I love music and love to sing. And alone in my car...I'm a total rock star. But the reality is that I'm tone deaf. So I rarely do it in public. I'll take a good vocalist over a great guitar player anyday. I would also love to learn how play an instrument. Probably the drums. But back to the hell do people move their arms & feet at the same time??? I'd end up hitting myself in the head with a drumstick while simulatinously kicking myself in the shin. Air guitar is much safer for me.

Yes, you can have Willpower! (or How to stop at 2 slices of pizza) - This needs no explaination.

I could go on & on here...but I'll stop. I'm gonna tag Karen, Jessica & Liza. Play along if you'd like!

The Dogs will be back tomorrow. Promise.