Thursday, August 09, 2007

Will work for food

Hey Doggies & you may know...Sherman has this Big Day coming up and we've been pretty excited about it because it means PAWTY TIME at our house (aka lotsa treats!!).

So we were all psyched when Mom cooked up this yummy flank steak for us.

It was even better when she made it into little Dog sized pieces for us to feast on.

But the bad news came...that was Dad's dinner & THIS is what we were left with!!

Umm...hello??? And exactly WHO is that gonna feed???? And Mom had the nerve to cut this little tidbit into even smaller "training" sized pieces. Training??? Mom...I thought I had you perfectly trained.

Apparently, Mom has not been impressed when she calls my name & I've been searching the yard for Tadpole or Marvin or super studly Stanley or the new hottie on the block, Rowan and I ignore her. Hey Mom! Soooooorry! I'm busy. And popular. You've got to HOLD UP!

But I'm getting better. A girl's gotta learn to separate her Boyz from her Treatz!

Unless of course...the Boyz wanna come callin' WITH Treats!