Monday, August 27, 2007

The V.E.T.

I had to go to the V.E.T this weekend for my annual check-up. I love going to the VET! Mom takes a bag of cookies with her and I get treats for laying down nicely at her feet or ignoring other dogs that come in the waiting room. I charmed the pants off of two ladies by staring at them & smiling. They told Mom about 10 times "You're dog just never stops smiling".

I do have a pretty great smile...see?

This trip to the V.E.T. was great because they didn't steal any of my blood, nor did they stick me with any needles. I also found out that I've lost 2 lbs!! And Mom thought I was gaining weight. They did put that thing up my butt and I just can't understand why they haven't come up a better way to judge how HOT I am. They could've just asked Dot.

I have a little baby lump on my leg that Mom wanted to have the Vet check. It's so little, Dr. F couldn't even find it. Mom does this massage thingy on me every week to check for lumps & bumps and I love it because I just lay there while she rubs me. That's when she found it. This is where it is on my leg.

So she showed Dr. F where it was and they don't think it's a cyst. Because it's so small, they want to wait to biopsy it if it gets any bigger. So that just means Mom will be massaging me every single day & that's just fine with me!!

It made me feel like roachin'!

Mom likes the funny noises I make when I roach...till the stupid white dog comes along & ruins my fun!

(Back to the Vet visit...I'm pretty freaked out about this whole diagnosis. My Vet thinks it could be lymphoma because the lump floats & is not attached to the skin. I almost passed out when she said the C word. Right now it's the size of a pea...and trust me, if that thing gets any bigger Sherman will be at the Vet in a nanosecond to have it biopsed. She doesn't feel the lump is big enough to put him through the whole process right now though. I love this Vet & trust her. She assured me it could stay the same size for a long time. Let's just hope that's the case.)