Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I feel icky!!!

Penny was having some digestive issues this afternoon. I discovered the evidence tonight when I came home from work. She also had some issues on our walk and I chalked it up to the salmon she had for breakfast.

As soon as we got back from our walk, she vomited all over the front door. She then vomited a huge amount of water about 1/2 hour later.

Gave me a chance to try out my newest toy (which I'll review at a later date).

She's been pretty much laying around moping all night and has been kind of clingy. I'm hoping & praying this is just a bug and not something more serious. She's going to the Vet in the morning if she's not any better or if she gets sick again overnight.

"No more pictures...I feel ICKY!"

I hate to ask for more good vibes again so soon, but if yinz guys could send us some, Penny would be very thankful (as would I!)