Thursday, June 07, 2007

Review of the Spot Bot

First, thank you all again for caring about our little Princess and sending her lot of healing thoughts. She's definitely on the mend and although she's still a bit "loose", she's back to her normal peppy self and hasn't vomited since Tuesday night. She's enjoying a bland diet of yogurt, canned pumpkin and boiled buffalo meat. (I got a great deal on organic, free range ground buffalo. It was supposed to be mainly for us, well Scott actually (I don't do weird meat), but he didn't like it. The Dogs are thrilled about that. 10 lbs of buffalo all for them. Spoiled beasts!) By the weekend she should be as good as new.

"And I don't look like a Camel any more!"

On to the Spot Bot.

When I told Sherman about it he got very excited. "You brought me DOT SPOT??? Thank you Mom!!!"

Sorry buddy...not Dot Spot, Spot Bot (you see how he could be confused).

The Spot Bot is a compact deep carpet cleaner. I used to have a Little Green. The first day I used it I broke the little hand attachment and had to duct tape it together. It never really worked right & it got really funky & stunk. So I just threw it away.

But I wanted something else to spot clean the carpet because 3 dogs & a very clumsy Jenny make a very dirty carpet. So I got this:

It's way cooler than the Little Green. You just fill the tank with solution, put that little circular thing over the stain & turn it on. 3 minutes later...Voila! Spot gone. I got a chance this week to try it out on fresh pet stains and it works beautifully. I used it on the muddy paw prints and it was great. And I used it on an old stain of unknown origin that I have scrubbed & scrubbed with Nature's Miracle and couldn't get out. 3 minutes and the stain was gone. I used the hand attachment on smaller stains & was pretty happy.

My only complaint is that it cleans a little too well. The carpet in our living room is old & very well used. It's the highest traffic area in the house & we steam clean the whole thing a couple times a year. Using it on that carpet created very clean little circles that stand out like a sore thumb. But if that's my only be it.