Monday, April 16, 2007

How'd you get YOUR name????

The more DWBs I visit...the more creative the Dog names. A while back, I posted about how many names my dogs actually have (and they have LOTS!). But I don't think I got into how they got their name.

Sherman - ever see the Nutty Professor? The Eddie Murphy one. There's a scene where Sherman Klump's Mom is talking about him and she says "Sherman, Sherman, Sherman!" while clapping her hands and I thought it was hilarious. You only will if you've seen the movie. I thought the name was really funny & I knew back in 1996 that my first boy dog would be Sherman.

When we adopted Sherm from the Butler Co. Humane Society, he was just a number. They hadn't given him a name and after we fell in love with him, signed all of the paperwork and made our way to the car...Scott said to me "I guess this is Sherman".

He could go by no other name!

Penny - The woman we adopted Penny from had named her at the shelter. She said she was the color of a penny. To be honest, I didn't love the name. I wanted to call her Sophie or Sallie. Something that sounded better with Sherman. But Scott liked it and as he was less than thrilled about getting a second dog, I figured he should have some say in the whole process.

So Penny she is.

Lola - After Madonna had Lourdes and started calling her Lola, a bunch of celebs jumped on the bandwagon. A bunch of Lolas started popping up all over Hollywood. I knew this little Boxer puppy would be a Diva dog & deserved a Diva name. Beyonce was too long so I stole Madonna's baby name & picked Lola.

Scott wanted to name her Spot.

The Dogs of Jackman Ave - well, that's obvious!

So how did your dog get its name? Feel free to "refer to Blog" if it's a long story!