Monday, September 10, 2007

The City of Sherman...population 10,000

I am totally jealous of my Pittsburgh buddy, Juneau as he has a whole entire CITY named after him!! I got to thinking about it and decided I would make a proposal to Mayor Ravenstahl. Pittsburgh should be renamed...Sherman, PA!!!Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Considering we just had the 10,000th visitor to our blog, think of all the good press I could give our fair city.

So I was doing some research on the Internets & discovered there already IS a City named TEXAS!!

Holy Crap! I could move the whole family to Texas and become the Mayor of Sherman & Dot Spot could be my first lady!!

And I could make all kinds of new laws...the first thing I would make illegal is the Furminator. There would be free meatables for EveryPup! And a Dog Park on every corner. And I would give Penny & Lola to Legacy Boxer Rescue and make them find new places to live!! Or they could just go stay with Cubby.

Look out Sherman, Texas...there's a new Sheriff in town!!!