Thursday, February 08, 2007

Little Miss Lola & I headed out to Advanced Puppy tonight. Yes, it's still freezing & Lola is happy chillin' in her Pink Plaid Diva Coat.

Playtime is definitely her favorite part.

She even let the little Brittany get fresh with her!

But little Sophie is her favorite. She desperately wanted her to come out of the ExPen to play.

Marsha puts the little pups in an ExPen during playtime to keep them from getting rolled. Lola is the oldest puppy in class but not the biggest. There is a GoldenDoodle & a NewfieDoodle (Doodles coming out of the woodwork!) who are both twice her size.

We let the dogs play for a while & then started class. Did I say before that I had a Feisty Fido??? I must have been making that up b/c Lola was not only a normal dog...she was an obedient dog! Her heeling was great, her stays were better, she didn't snark at anyone and she gave me stellar attention. We had all of the extra folks in class come around & do sit for exam & she didn't jump on anyone!! We may be turning a corner.

I am thrilled & hopeful. I'm going to have her test for the CGC/TDI in March just 'coz. Don't know if she'll pass & don't care if she doesn't. I want to see where we are & what we need to work on.

She was quite sleepy on the way home.