Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why I love DWBs!

I don't think I've been officially tagged for this game, but I wanted to play anyway. There's been a Tag going around...5 reasons I love Dogs With Blogs.

Here are mine:

1. You guys (and girls) LIKE me!! In my daily life, I don't really run into too many friends. I'm kind of old and grumpy and insist on humping any boy dog I meet. But on DWBs...I have a whole bunch of Friends!! Wally is my BFF, but I'm pretty tight with Joe Stains (another grumpy fella), Fig (she may be a girl, but she's a grouch!), and Balboa and Boo and Duke and Rockford and Texas...the list goes on & on!

2. Dot. My DoGness...she is so beautiful. I never would have guessed I'd have a girlfriend. I'm one lucky fella.

3. You guys make my Mom very happy. She laughs and laughs when she reads about your adventures. And being a Mama's boy (dont make fun.), when Mom is happy...Sherman is happy.

Here's a little DAD even reads your blogs! HA! He used to think Mom was losing it, but then he gave it a try. He's totally hooked.

4. Presents!! I could never imagine how much fun it is to send our friends presents!! I just steal Mom's plastic card and hit the internets. I don't even mind sharing my Chewies. I feel just like Santa Claus...big & jolly! Oh, and it's fun getting presents too.

5. Pictures. Mom didn't really take that many pictures of us before she started blogging. But now she has thousands! And I totally don't mind posing for the camera. I'm pretty handsome. And there are usually treats involved.

There are many more reasons I love DWBs but I'll stop here. You guys are the BESTEST!