Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our fun walks - Finally!!

So Scott was sick all last weekend...and I was sick all this week. Stupid winter yucky, achy, tiring cold. I took it easy all week and am feeling about 80% today. I fully plan on being lazy for the entire Saturday evening.

I started out my morning bright & early at 7:45 taking Lola to Camp Bow Wow...only to be told upon arrival that any dogs that had been to the ARL or WPHS for classes in the last few weeks would not be allowed to attend daycare b/c of the recent Canine Influenza outbreak in Pittsburgh. Another local kennel, Misty Pines, is closed for 4 weeks b/c of one dog who they were boarding & it infected 25 dogs. So I totally understand this. It's not worth the risk of infecting the dogs they are responsible for. I just wish they would have emailed me earlier in the week so I didn't drive all the way there. But, fortunately, I live close.

So I drove Lola back home, went to Animal Friends to assist graduation, ran some errands & walked in the door to 3 pitiful faces.

"The sun is shining & it's not too cold & we've been sssoooooo good all week while you were sick. Come's W.A.L.K time!!!"

"Yahoo! Let's pee on stuff!!"

"I think I smell another dog 4 blocks away!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...we have to sit at intersections"

"I can't wait till Spring!!!! Yippeeeeeee!"

We stopped at the library to take a nice picture. I put them both on a SitStay and cued them to Watch. The both looked adoringly at me and waited for me to snap the shot. I said "OK guys...Ready?"

And their little doggie brains said:





("Hee Hee...we stole that trick from Sunshade & Stinky!! Pretty good, eh?")

They have the delay on my camera memorized.

"Alright already...we get it. Stop & Sit. Wait till the light turns green & you say OK. We're not stoopid!"

The walk lasted about 45 minutes and we headed home.

It you didn't know better, you might think they actually like each other!

Then it was Little Miss Thang's turn. Lola has been doing remarkably well. 90% of the time she's a joy to walk.

I tried to take some pics of her cute little wiggle butt walking in front of me, but she usually just walks right beside me. Not that I'm complaining about that.

We walked all over Bellevue. Right down the main street, with lots of traffic & people and she was unphased. She didn't react to any dogs barking in the distance (usually that's her cue to chime in with the tough girl WWwwwoooofffFFFFFF!) and I made a huge deal about that.

I got some nice pics of her posing but usually she's too distracted to look at me. She never gets up...she's just unfocused. Although she's pretty good about giving me attention when there is no camera involved.

"Wait a're not actually thinking of posting these pics of me with my headgear on, are you???? MOM!! You're gonna ruin my street cred!"