Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sun Goddess

I hope everypup had a great holiday weekend. The weather was just beautiful here in Western Pennsylvania and I got to do one of my favorite Summertime activities...


I am a total goddess and will lay around with the sun beating down on me for hours. Unlike humans, I have a nice layer of fur to protect me from UV rays

Ahhhhhh, that feels good....

I think it's officially summer around here.

One other thing...Lola's Diva Sista, Ruby Blue was kind enough to nominate a picture of the two of us as Photo of the Month at the Bone Zone. It's one of our famous snuggly pictures. For those of you who don't know...I never get to sleep by myself. Lola insists on laying right on top of me and snuggling herself as close as she can. I usually don't mind but it would be nice to get a little shut eye without a little white blanket over me. So if you haven't voted yet and you have any sympathy for my situation, head over to the Bone Zone and throw us a vote. I would really appreciate it!