Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008!!!


2007 was pretty darn great!! We met so many new pups (and their people) and made so many great friends. But we're guessing 2008 is gonna be pretty great too!!

I've made some New Years Resolutions:

1. Take Mom for more walks...we're both on a weight loss plan this year.
2. Donate some of my stuffies to the animal shelter.
3. Be nicer to Penny & Lola...Mom promised I will get one extra chicken back per week if I can try not to be so grouchy.
4. Become more organized. This is big one for both Mom & I.

We have a very weird house with TWO kitchens. Mom has been using our upstairs kitchen as "storage unit" (i.e. if she doesn't know what to do with something, it goes in the kitchen). And let me tell you...it was pretty darn nasty. Even for me. And I'm a dog. So I convinced Mom that she should clean it out and make it a DOG KITCHEN!!!
So she said "OK...good idea Sherm" and spent 4 hours today cleaning it out for us. Here it is!!!

There are no "Before" pics b/c Mom said it was REALLY yucky and she'd be too embarrassed to showYes, I'm sitting on a pink flowery rug. I've heard pink is the new black. I refuse to let Mom dye me pink...so this is a nice compromise.

Here are the name plates from Huskee! Notice who is on the top...yep, ME!

The oven doesn't work but thats OK. Mom can still do all of her cookie making in her kitchen. There is plenty of counter space for food prep.

She now has an organized place for all her Bark Magazines & Whole Dog Journals. And she can leave out our food killing machine. Mom & Dad bought their own food killer b/c she says killing liver has made their first one yucky. Yucky for whom??

We have a nice organized space now for our our canned meatables, tripeables and fishables.

We have our own fridge for storing our yogurt, eggies and cottage cheese, as well as thawing meatables.

Mom keeps the meatables in a big plastic bin so the juice doesn't get all over the fridge. I have always offered to clean up any mess by hand (or in my case, tongue) but she's says "No Shermie, that's OK. Thanks though".

Here are our thawing chicken backables, gizzardables, turkey neckables and a big fat beef heart. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

I have agreed to let Mom & Dad store their brown fuzzy water in MY fridge on one condition...they've gotta keep my brew in there too.

So that's our new & improved Dog Kitchen! I'm pretty psyched about it and Mom is happy because it's not a giant eye sore anymore. And if Mom is happy...Sherman's happy.

We wish all of our doggie, hamster, kitty and hooman friends a Super Duper 2008 filled with happiness, good health and all the bully sticks you can eat!!!

Keeping up with my resolution to be nicer to my sisters, I'll post this picture of Lola for you guys. Mom says she looks cute in it. Whatever...I'd like my extra chicken back now please.

Next week I'll be nice to Penny.