Saturday, March 17, 2007

How many names does a Dog need???

So I was thinking the other day about how many names my The Dogs actually have...and how it's kinda crazy that they respond to all of them!

When Lola came home & I had to pick her official AKC registered name, I didn't want Sherman & Penny to be any different. So I decided all of my dogs would have "Fancy" names, in addition to their "Call" names and at least 1/2 dozen nicknames.

So let's start with the chubby black one..

Fancy name: SteelCity Nutty Professor (Our foundation dog)
Call name: Sherman
Nicknames: Shermie, Bubba, Turkey, Big Boy, Grumpasaurous Rex, Bubba-doodle-finklestein, Wolf

And now the Brown one...

Fancy name: Rizzo's SteelCity Lincoln Lady
Call name: Penny
Nicknames: Princess Penny Wiggles, Pen-Pen, Beauty Queen, Wigs, Peanut, PennyGurl, Frito

And who could forget the little White One!

Fancy name: KandL's SteelCity Copacabana
Call name: Lola
Nicknames: Sprout, LittleGurl, Lo, Woobie, BabyGurl, Munchkin, Boo, Boobernut, Mush face, Jowly lips

And Collectively we are:
Fancy name: The Dogs of Jackman Ave
Call name: Puppies!!!!
Nicknames: the Jag-offs, WOOObies, little A$$holes, my Boubies

"We think our Fancy name should be 'The Most Perfect Dogs in the Universe', donchya think???"

On a separate note....In celebration of St. Patty's Day...

We've gone ahead and nominated ourselves for Photo of the Month. Yeah, kinda self-serving....but Lola the Leprechaun worked hard for the Money Shot!

Do I look up???? What am I looking at?

"So, um...what's the deal with this? I assume I get lots of Cookies if I'm good".

"Almost...I've been posing & posing & nuthin!...gimme the liver cookie!"

OK...this is the final shot. And the one we're nominated for. Pretty cute, huh?

"Are we done yet?"

So go to Dogs with Blogs & vote for us! There are lots of good nominations this month so the competion it tough! But we never win anything...puh-lease???? She worked so hard!