Saturday, March 17, 2007

How many names does a Dog need???

So I was thinking the other day about how many names my The Dogs actually have...and how it's kinda crazy that they respond to all of them!

When Lola came home & I had to pick her official AKC registered name, I didn't want Sherman & Penny to be any different. So I decided all of my dogs would have "Fancy" names, in addition to their "Call" names and at least 1/2 dozen nicknames.

So let's start with the chubby black one..

Fancy name: SteelCity Nutty Professor (Our foundation dog)
Call name: Sherman
Nicknames: Shermie, Bubba, Turkey, Big Boy, Grumpasaurous Rex, Bubba-doodle-finklestein, Wolf

And now the Brown one...

Fancy name: Rizzo's SteelCity Lincoln Lady
Call name: Penny
Nicknames: Princess Penny Wiggles, Pen-Pen, Beauty Queen, Wigs, Peanut, PennyGurl, Frito

And who could forget the little White One!

Fancy name: KandL's SteelCity Copacabana
Call name: Lola
Nicknames: Sprout, LittleGurl, Lo, Woobie, BabyGurl, Munchkin, Boo, Boobernut, Mush face, Jowly lips

And Collectively we are:
Fancy name: The Dogs of Jackman Ave
Call name: Puppies!!!!
Nicknames: the Jag-offs, WOOObies, little A$$holes, my Boubies

"We think our Fancy name should be 'The Most Perfect Dogs in the Universe', donchya think???"

On a separate note....In celebration of St. Patty's Day...

We've gone ahead and nominated ourselves for Photo of the Month. Yeah, kinda self-serving....but Lola the Leprechaun worked hard for the Money Shot!

Do I look up???? What am I looking at?

"So, um...what's the deal with this? I assume I get lots of Cookies if I'm good".

"Almost...I've been posing & posing & nuthin!...gimme the liver cookie!"

OK...this is the final shot. And the one we're nominated for. Pretty cute, huh?

"Are we done yet?"

So go to Dogs with Blogs & vote for us! There are lots of good nominations this month so the competion it tough! But we never win anything...puh-lease???? She worked so hard!


Marvin The Dog said...

oh what cool pics! You should win! Unknown to me until yesterday, I have been nominated too but those pics of yours are fandabidozi pictures!

I hope you win! It will be well deserved..........

love and licks from your New Pal in Scotland, Marv xxxxxx

ps I will try and list all my names tomorrow, there are loads, like yrs!

Joe Stains said...

friggin jaaagooofffs!!

yinz guys are funny. We have a million names too!

Jasper said...

Y'all are so CUTE sitting there together!!! And that hat...hahaha...funny!!
Joe Stains, you are so funny!!

Sophie Brador said...

Sophie has a million names too and responds to each and every one of them. Especially "Chicken".

We would totally vote for you, even though Sophie was also nominated and in the running, if we can ever remember our password. That darn system just won't let us log on.

PiratesGrrl said...

We LOVE the pic of the three of you on the bed! (we think it's the bed)

Good luck in the contest!

The Brat Pack

Cubby said...

I love the picture of the three on the bed, and a very enjoyeable post today! Kiss Mush Face for me. My moms call me Smooshy Face. Close.

Simba said...

How confusing all those names. Great phots's.

Simba xx

Marvin The Dog said...

hey you guys, check out my Blog today, Monday's post, follow the links and you can see a picture of my Dad! He went missing on Friday and Simba tracked him down and put pictures on his Blog!

love and licks Marv xxxxxx

Ferndoggle said...

I know the competition is tough. Lola only has one vote (guess from who LOL!). Looks like Lil Charlie is winning by a nose (get it?). That's OK...he's a cutie.

I'm just glad you guys like the pictures. And yes, they are all sitting on the bed...together...for once. Probably lasted about 5 seconds. They make me look good!

Thanks for stopping by & writing such nice comments. Momma Stains, I knew you'd appreciate my lil Jag-offfs!


Dory and Liza said...

In our house I have lots of names too. Since I am a rescue doggie my humans named me Dory, and gave me the fancy name of Winter Island Swift Seas Dory - I have no idea what that means especially since I get called stinky, sweetie, cutie, cuddle bug and all the rest.

We love Lola's hat too. My Gramma didn't have any kitties - just snow (15 inches worth) and squirrels. I loved chasing the squirrels - we don't have many in Boston around our house!!

Love all your photos - we will stop by again!!

Ellie said...

I love all the fancy names!

And Lola, you look fantastic! I will definitely vote for you! You definitely deserved a giant cookie for all that posing! I hope you got one!

Nubbily Wiggles,
Ellie the Boxer

MJ's doghouse said...

you are all very adorable..i love the picture will all three of you..I am so jealous of your family with three of you..there is only one of me...oh and the cat...blaaaaaaaaaah....