Friday, March 16, 2007


Monday I was gushing about how warm & sunny it was & how excited I was for Spring! Well, it was a cruel tease!!!! It started snowing around 10 this morning & hasn't stopped.

I am not kidding...these pictures were taken today. These are my daffodils...that will be dead soon.

The girls love it & run around chasing each other in the yard.

Sherman pretty much just hangs out.

It's so cold that Lola has to hold up her toes while playing with her ball!



Joe Stains said...

woah wasn't it just 70 degrees there?! its 90 here today!

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Ferndoogle! Just found you after you leavin such kind comments on my Blog!

My Mama Jeannie says you are so pretty in those pics on your Blog there too!

Your blog is just so cool and it has cheered us up no end to find out the Jackman Ave crew are looking in on us from sounds so romantic! Like something out of a movie. We have such dull names for our towns here inthe UK, Milton Keynes, blinking Glasgow....

Your doggies are cool too!

Hope if it is ok when I am a wee bit better, we can link with you and yours? Don't worry my Mama is a Techno phobe too. she went into something tonight and nearly damn well deleted the Blog would you believe!!!!!!! One button and I would have been gone!

love and licks to you and the dogs from Jackman in Pittsburg the romantic sounding place !!!! Marvin xxxxxx

Peanut said...

Well it was nice here to and then it rained yesterday and now it is about 35 degrees. We don't have snow though. Poor Lola

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hi Lola,

You have been nominated for "Photo of the Month" over at the DWB Bone Zone, head on over there and cast your vote :-)


Simba said...

Its always the way, you think spring is here and its winter all over again.

Simba xx

Cubby said...

Oh no, more snow!