Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rock On!

First of all, we are long overdue thanking Sasha & Ruby for nominating us as Rockin' Girls. So thank you ladies!

What a beautiful bunch of Rockstars!

And the ever fabulous Ruby also nominated Shermie as a Rockin' Boy! I think he rocks and am glad you do too!

He's in the company of some very cool dudes!

We're not nominating anyone because we think all the DWBs ROCK!

And then, Sasha also turned us on to this slogan genarator. I typed in all the dogs names (and mine too) and this is what we got:

There is only one Sherman.

Yes, this is true. The world couldn't handle more than one!

All Penny, all the time.

Granted she's calmed down quite a bit, but when she's on...she's on.

Lola Unscripted.

DoG help us all!!!

What's in your Ferndoggle?

Humpf! Wouldn't yinz guys like to know!

Granted...the slogan changes everytime you enter a name. So if you enter the same name 10 times, you get 10 different slogans (I checked). Those are the first ones generated for us.

Try it out! It's fun. Just don't cheat & keep trying until you get one you like! The first one is the funniest anyway.