Monday, July 16, 2007


I've been trying to clean out my big deep freezer. It's like the Bermuda Triangle. I put stuff in, never to to find it again. You'll never guess what I found buried in the bottom of it???

Chicken Feet!

I bought these over a year ago from Hare Today & totally forgot about them. So I immediately defrosted them and the Dogs had a feast.

Doesn't that look yummy?????

Lola never quite knows what to do with them at first.

But she catches on quickly. Doofus face.
(yes, those are scissors I am picking them up with. I'm not touching those nasty things! No pup was harmed in the feeding of chicken feet.)

Penny has no problem and will crunch down a foot in about 3 seconds.

And Sherman...well let's just say it doesn't take him long either.

So if you Pups have never tried chicken feet, you MUST beg your folks for some!

Lord Stanley of the Republic of Gooberstan has tagged Sherman to name 5 things we would put in a time capsule for the benefit of future Dogs.

1. The Poop Bag Sack - Mom & Dad carry this on each & every walk to clean up after me. Poop Bag Sack = walkies!! Plus, it's essential to promote proper Poop Etiquette to future generations.

2. One of the many millions of moles I have killed for Mom's lunch.

3. A turkey neck...oh wait, that would mean I wouldn't have eaten it. Scratch that. A PICTURE of a turkey neck.

4. My giant hedgehog...I will spare him now that I have a new favorite toy thanks to T.P.

5. A giant ball of Sherman fur gently removed with the Furminator. Furminator = liver brownies. Brush away!!

Now I'm tagging Duke (because he's black & cool like Wally & I), Sophie La Brador (b/c she has a crush on Wally) & CoCo (because she's pretty ::blush::. Don't worry Dot...just looking.).

What are you leaving behind for the future?