Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Enuf with the Pawties!!

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of year. First of all, it was when I came to live with my family 2 years ago. And we get lots of presents and visitors. And Mom bakes special Xmas cookies for all of our doggie friends. And Mom and Dad spend extra time at home hanging out with us.

It's that last part I'm taking a bit of an issue with. I've noticed on other blogs that all the pawrents have been going to lots of pawties without their favorite 4 legged friends. Mitchy even got so fed up with his pawrents gallivanting all over the place without him, that he ripped up his favorite bed!

I have also noticed that Mom & Dad have been spending a lot of time with their friends...eating delicious foodables, mind you...WITHOUT US!

Evidence found on Mom's camera. There's my a special dinner...with lots of my human friends. Where am I in this picture? Where is Sherman? Where is Penny? We're at home!!

This is my Auntie J.Law. and my Auntie Rachel. Auntie J. Law has TWO puppies growing in her belly!! And they are both boy puppies. I'm trying to convince her to name them Sherman and Tadpole after my brother and my BFF...but she said she already knows one Sherman so that would be weird. Taddy, there's still hope for you! Auntie Rachel is the one with the pretty yellow hair. I like her a lot because she's kind of a Diva too.

She likes Sherman the most though because he's old and chubby and doesn't jump on her. That is how I say I LOVE jumping on you and kissing you on the face!

But guess who Auntie Kristen likes the best. Yep, ME! She's is the bestest to Mom & Dad, of course.

So, in a nutshell...I'm sick of all of these stupid pawties that I don't get to attend. I haven't destroyed anything, YET, but if Mom & Dad keep this up...they better hid their shoes!

On a side note, our new friends Rosie & Abby over at The Dog Log are looking for stories of rescued dogs to publish on their site. Sherman submitted his story yesterday...go on over & read all about it!