Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well, we're all settled back into our routine and Lola is B-A-D bad!! She's lost the concept of being housetrained (she peed in my shoe & has pooped in the house multiple times). She has also completely lost all concept of LLW ~sigh~. I tried to take her on a walk & wanted to murder her after 15 minutes. She was failing around at the end of the leash like a fish. None of my old tricks worked. Back to the drawing board. I just need to start back at the beginning and take it slow.

Penny fortunately has not lost the concept & we had a wonderful walk around the neighborhood complete with lots & lots of attention and zero pulling. We even passed 3 different dogs w/o one single outburst. That's my girl. I did have my treats & clicker w/ me as I was unsure if she'd have forgotten all of our hard work. It was a good move on my part b/c I rewarded a lot of attention & loose leash at the beginning & then phased them out by the end of the walk.

Sherman was very happy to be back to securing the neighborhood. He's getting very good at automatically stopping at intersections & while I still have to cue him to sit, he does it w/in a split second of asking.