Thursday, August 02, 2007

We got stuff from France!!

No's from Sophie. In Montreal. Where they speak French.

Sophie is sad because she's rotting in jail for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!

But we are VERY happy because before she went into lock down, she sent us these goodies!

I am most excited about the portable water bowl because it's been a bazillion degrees here & the Dogs need a big bowl to drink from or they won't. Have I mentioned before that they are spoiled?

Ummmm...I'm embarrassed to say that it took about 30 seconds before they ate through all of the cookies & I thought I was video taping the whole time. But I wasn't!! Sorry Sophie!! The good news is that Picky Princess Penny Wiggles couldn't get enough of those cookies & she has VERY discriminating tastes. (aka...she usually spits store bought treats on the floor and walks away. She's a giant Priss!)

Thank you SO much Sophie!

Speaking of Princess Penny...her very handsome boyfriend, Peanut wanted to know where I got Sherman's raincoat. Well, Peanut...I got it at PetCo about 4 years ago. Sherman is 52 lbs (Ok, Ok...55 lbs) and the Large fits him perfect. Good luck finding one for such a big Studly Boxer like yourself!

Penny also has her own raincoat & she wouldn't let me got to sleep until she modeled it for her big, strong boyfriend.

Hi Peanut...Here's some eye candy for you!

And just for Cubby, Hey! We have the same coat!!

For the record Tanner...I ain't no Doofus either.