Sunday, November 04, 2007

Presents from the Brat Pack!

What a great barkday! I got so many presents in the mail I can hardly believe it!! I am one lucky dog, let me tell you. I only get to open one package at a time so you'll get to see them all sometime this week.

Before I get to the fantastic presents from The Brat Pack, I wanted to show you the little cake my Mom made just for me! It's ground lamb & veggies. And let me tell was heavenly!

OK, now for my presents! I got this giant box filled with goodies.

Just look at all this loot! Yummy PB Power Bones, a super fun strawberry Mom can fill up with cookies, a bouncy ball that will surely last longer than my tennis balls, a fat monkey that looks just like Sherman and a new purse!

Guess which one I liked the most??? A Diva can never have too many purses!

Penny also got something. She has a secret admirer named Tucker Doodle...don't worry Tucker...I didn't tell her it was from you.

It was a beautiful heart shaped stuffie filled with candy! I helped Penny pick out all the candy pieces, but we didn't break the heart. Don't worry. Here's a picture of Penny & her heart...pre-candy picking.

And even Sherman got something from his love bug, Dot Spot. She sent him this little love note...couldn't you just gag at the sweetness of it all???

But he's happy and now all he plays with are Pink Piggie & Cuddly Wuddly Bear!

I did get to open all of my cards & just look how thoughtful everypup (and hamster) are! They're all PINK!! Thank you to Ruby & Jackson for the e-cards.

Thank you to all of my wonderful DWBs friends for the Barkday wishes. I think I'm gonna like being TWOooooo!