Friday, September 01, 2006

We picked Lola up from Camp on the way home from the airport. Sherman & Penny aren't getting picked up till the following day, so Lola will be an only dog for 24 hours or so. She was so pooped she didn't really seemed to phased. She seemed to have a great time at Camp and was very excited to see us.

I took advantage of an extra day off work & took her out to North Park again. She had an absolute blast & ran her little butt off. She is great with all of the other dogs (a welcome change from S&P) and makes a point to always check in with me.

After she was good & tired, I went out to my Mom's to pick up Sherman. He was bouncing & wiggling around like a little puppy. Apparently he was miserable in the basement (a huge Duh??!! moment for me...Sherman was petrified of our basement & wouldn't step foot in it for the first 3 months we had him) so my Mom moved him to the garage where he was happy as a clam. I really think he liked the peace & quiet. He really only slept there & stayed there while they were at work...other than that he was pretty busy. He went to the park 3 times, to see my Grandpap, laid in the sun & "hunted" while my Mom & Carl worked in the yard. But he seemed pretty happy to be going home.

Penny apparently also had a great time. So much so that she seemed rather depressed to be away from her buddy Baron. She got to show off the "snarl & snort" for her Grandpa Don & played musical pots w/ her roomates. She seemed more happy to see Sherman than Lola, but happiest to see me & Scotty the most.