Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lola graduated from Bob's class today and part of it involved a mock CGC test. I was very happy that Lola passed on all levels...well, we didn't do the stays & I could use food, but it's a good start. I need to start really working on stays w/ her...they are just so boooorrring!!

Rita was supposed to fill in for Shelley and it turned out that she had car trouble & couldn't make it. So Lola & I filled in & ran the Advanced Basic class. There were 3 dogs in there that I already knew so it was fun.

I took Sherman & Penny on a nice 45 minute walk in the neighborhood...nice as in the weather was perfect. Not nice in that we got jumped by 3 different dogs. OK...jumped makes is sound worse than it was. But 3 separate dogs were off leash & charged at us. S&P hate that & it's no wonder I have leash reactive dogs. 2 dogs backed off when they snarked at them but one took it as an invite to strike back. That was fun (not!). I have such a pet peeve for people who let their dogs loose in their yard & have no control over them. There is a reason for the leash laws!