Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Play Ball!

I'm so excited about the big Super Bowl pawty this weekend with Joe & Gus & Tanner & Teka! The very first year I lived on Jackman Avenue, the most super coolest football team in the whole Pittsburgh Steelers...won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out for us this year (but they're still super cool!) so we're just going to AZ to hang with our DWBs friends.

I don't really get into playing football balls are more my thing. I prefer to chase them all around the yard, but it's been too rainy this week. I hate rain.

I can still have a good time in the house playing with the t-balls. I've learned to entertain myself pretty well.

And there is something special about these indoor tennis balls...they're MAGIC!

Turn your speakers up REALLY loud and I'll share with you my MAGIC tennis balls.

In case that video doesn't work...try this one.

Imagine that, Mr. Sherman...who could care less about tennis all of a sudden interested in the MAGIC tennis balls!

He must think they're made out of chicken backs.

Or he's trying to be like his BFF, Wally...who is WAY cooler because he can jump super high AND he plays with PINK tennis balls!

Never fear...I got it back. I played beautiful music for Mom all night!

(in case my video didn't work...the MAGIC tennis balls SQUEAK! Very Loud.)