Sunday, January 08, 2006

Steeler Sunday! Today was the first playoff game against the Cincy Bungles. Scott invited about 10 of his friends over for the game. There was going to be an 18 month old there too. Excellent opportunity for socialization!

Penny & Lola were wired Sunday morning. They played inside for about 45 minutes and then we went outside. We're having unusually warm weather (almost 50 degrees) so they ran around the yard and had a ball. Penny was getting really wild & flipped Lola in the dirt a few times. I decided it was time to take a break & herded everyone inside. I let them chill out for 20 minutes or so then took Lola upstairs for her first bath.

I adjusted the showerhead so a slow, thick stream of warm water flowed. She shivered a bit & tried to escape, but after a minute or so, started to enjoy herself. The whole bath took about 3 minutes (gotta love that short boxer fur!) and I wrapped her in a fluffy towel, sat down on the floor and dried her off. She loved that part of the whole experience & fell asleep in my lap. She slept till about 3:00 when the guests started arriving.

Once the baby got there, we put Sherman in our bedroom w/ a couple stuffed Kongs. He is not very tolerant of little kids and they just gravitate toward him. He's soft, fluffy & has a really cool tail that's fun to pull. He shouldn't have to deal w/ that and I'm not putting someones child in the position to get hurt. Penny & Lola, on the other hand, were great with Aidan. Penny is so wonderful w/ kids. She's so patient & if they're too much, she just gets up & moves. Everyone fussed over Lola & she had lots & lots of great interaction w/ everyone. She's pretty wiggly & wild w/ new people and I'm going to start insisting that she sit before being petting from this point forward. Never too early to start that!

Steelers won!!! We face Indy next week...I'm scared.

By the time the game was over, the pups were pooped. We all settled into bed @ 9:00 and had a good long snooze.