Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MORE hunting for moles

I posted a couple of weeks ago about Mole season and how I LOVE IT!!

Well, some of you commented that you'd never seen a
mole. Let me tell you...you are SO missing out on some very good stuff. Just look at this plump little creature!!

(Would someone tell Penny that this fat little body looks nothing like mine???)

So in the event you guys ever DO see a mole (or hear him digging in your yard), I'd like to give you more details of my skillz.

First, find the little sucker. That's the easy part. Now dig around and throw dirt all over the yard.

You can see how exciting this part can be...just watch how fast my tail wags. (And if a stupid little white dog drops her stupid dirty pink ball into your hunting ground, make sure your Mom is ready to extract the ball and get her the heck out of your business!!!)

Digging can be very exhausting so once you've cleared some room to hunt, lay down & shove your head in there to see if you can locate Mr. Juicy.

Now, this is the most important step so please pay close attention.

Stare. Stare hard. Keep staring...

Stare a little more...

Don't lose your concentration...just keep staring.

Because eventually, the little sucker will come out and then you get to eat him!

Any questions?