Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Sad

Hey Guys. Sorry I'm not my usual happy, cheerful self but I'm pretty sad right now. We should all be crazy & celebrating (and eating lots & lots of fun meatables) because it's Penny's Gotcha Day weekend.

But my Grandpap Don is in the hospital. He has a blood infection and is feeling really icky. Mom & Dad are going to see him tonight & I'm not even gonna complain when they leave me home alone. I just want him to get better. It's my Dad's Dad and he couldn't even come to our house for Turkey Day. And I love when he comes over because he feeds me from the table during matter how much Mom & Dad yell at him. So I missed out on that but it's OK. I'd send all of my meatables to him if he'd get well. He's my bestest bud.

If you guys could say a special DWBs prayer for him, I'd really love it.

Don't worry about Penny. We'll celebrate her big day later. She doesn't mind. Just cross your paws and hope my Grandpap gets better soon.